Dr. Julie Kim, M.D.

Dr. Julie Kim is a Board-Certified Internist with over 20 years of medical experience. Dr. Kim has dedicated the last decade to helping those who can benefit from MeRT (Magnetic e-Resonance) therapy. She has treated over 5,000 + patients with MeRT.

As the most experienced MeRT clinician worldwide, she was asked to use her knowledge and expertise in MeRT to train and support other physicians to utilize the technology and spread the use of MeRT. In the past 4 years, she has trained over 100 physicians in understanding how to interpret qEEG brainwaves and use MeRT.

“From my personal experience being internal medicine trained, we wrote a lot of prescriptions and it took time for patients to feel better.”

“With this technology we see patients’ lives transform within two to three, or four weeks and those are very fast changes when patients have struggled for a long time. We do the qEEG at the beginning to see where they are, and where their brain is when they start treatment and then we do one after every 10 treatments to see their progress, and we see the changes on the EEG.

“Those are objective changes that we see; patients clinically will feel better, and the qEEG validates the changes and why they feel better. It would be difficult if I did not have that qEEG. We’re looking at the brain, an organ, that’s disruptive and our goal is to fix that disruption and to synchronize it. Once patients can see the changes objectively, they feel more confident that there’s value to the treatment. You know, this is a life-changing technology there are so many indications and it helped so many people that maybe didn’t have any other options.” – Dr. Julie Kim, Physician, Brain Treatment Center Danville

Dr. Kim has pioneered and worked extensively with the treatment of patients with autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, stroke, depression, and other neurological disorders. She co-created the initial safety protocols and physician training programs for the dissemination of MeRT technology. She has seen firsthand the effects of how MeRT therapy has changed the lives of her patients and the community of family and friends that surround each patient.

Dr. Kim takes pride in being able to effectively communicate how an individual’s brainwave patterns may be affecting their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Additionally, Dr. Kim advocates how MeRT can be used to optimize brainwaves to improve one’s mood, cognition, and actions.

Kayleigh Prowse, NP

Nurse Practitioner Kayleigh Prowse earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from UCLA and her graduate degree in nursing from Boston College. Kayleigh has used her nursing skills in the emergency department at a stroke-neurology receiving hospital and at magnet-recognized children’s hospitals.

Kayleigh has always had a strong desire to expand treatment options for those who so desperately need them. That passion has provided her with a great deal of practical experience in research studies and clinical trials for new treatments. Additionally, she helped establish a clinic offering a new FDA-approved treatment and worked as their lead clinician. Kayleigh is also serving on a committee focusing on how to integrate new treatments into clinics.

With her passion, expertise, and commitment, Kayleigh provides patient-focused, individualized care. Her focus is to improve health outcomes for every patient with cutting-edge MeRT technology at the Brain Treatment Center.

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